Friday, August 19, 2005

White Collar Offenses

White-collar crime, particularly felonies involving the use of computers, has become the primary law enforcement challenge of the 21st century. A survey found that white-collar crime costs consumers as much as $450 billion annually, yet this is an area that is little-understood by law enforcement and the media.

For every news story involving white-collar crime, a hundred more appear involving violent or "blue-collar" crime. White-collar crime, however, is an increasing realm of speciality for criminal defense attorneys. Indeed, navigating through the complex maze of laws surrounding alleged white-collar crime has become the primary focus of The Criminal Defense Group, one of the largest criminal defense firms in the country.

Most white-collar crime offenders are ordinary people who for a multitude of reasons make rash and uncharacteristically poor decisions. They see their way out of difficulty through illegal and fraudulent means. Oftentimes a good defense can be found for these situations. White-collar criminal defense is a fascinating and compelling legal challenge that brings out the best in conscientious attorneys.

Of course, there are also high-level corporate and crime syndicate criminals, who make poor decisions in their attempts to circumvent the law; they too deserve the best defense and a second or third chance.

What is more prevalent in today's criminal court system, for example, bank robbery or identity theft? You guessed correctly: White-collar crime has become the primary law enforcement challenge of the 21st century. Whether credit-card fraud, art forgeries, money laundering, health care and insurance fraud, or any number of other alleged schemes or scams, white-collar crime may be surpassing street crime in the imagination of both law enforcement and prosecutors. One survey found that white-collar crime costs consumers as much as $450 billion annually, and yet this is an area that remains little understood by most.

For every news story involving white collar crime, a hundred more appear involving violent or "blue collar" crime, which goes to show that the media still hasn't caught up to the nation's crime trends - or the prevalence among federal and state attorneys bureaus. It's a fact that white-collar crime is an increasing realm of specialty for criminal defense attorneys, who are learning how to navigate the complex channels between what is classified as civil and criminal.

There are also cases that border on blue collar and white-collar crime categories - anthrax hoaxes, for example, and other forms of alleged criminal threats. When a criminal threat involving physical violence is made over the Internet, for example, is this a white-collar crime matter, or does it fall under familiar street criminology? This may be a question for your new attorney to answer.

The Criminal Defense Group attoLinkrneys have successfully represented defendants accused of white-collar crimes, among them:

- Bank Fraud
- Bankruptcy Fraud
- Credit Card Fraud
- Computer Hacking
- CyberCrime
- Counterfeiting
- Email Interception
- Embezzlement
- Extortion
- Health Care Fraud
- Indentity Theft
- Insurance Fraud
- Money Laundering
- Pyramid Schemes
- Racketeering / RICO
- Securities Fraud
- Tax Evasion / Tax Fraud
- Telemarketing Fraud
- Wire Fraud

and more ...

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